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Tandem Skydiving

The Tandem skydive opens the world of skydiving to nearly everyone! No matter what your fears are about skydiving, the Tandem skydive will take you to new heights in your life with the security of a certified instructor.

If you had ever thought about skydiving and your ambitions were dampened by a very natural human instinct that tells you not to step out of an airborne aircraft, Tandem is your perfect match! The Tandem skydive will take you through a brief ground school where you will be familiarized with the basics of skydiving and into the aircraft for your ultimate experience. You will exit the aircraft from 10000’ (feet) above the ground, attached to your instructor in a parachute made for two! You will free fall for approximately 50 seconds, enjoying a view that only birds have seen. Upon the deployment of your main parachute, you and your instructor will enjoy a scenic parachute flight before touching back to the earth.

The Tandem skydive is an excellent way to taste the experience of a lifetime and gear up for your very own solo skydive!

Tandem is available to those that are no more than 225 lbs and are in good physical condition.